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David Orr - Director
"First impressions count. How well you communicate matters. What your communication sounds like, what it says, how it is delivered – these are all crucial in today’s global world. This is especially so when you have the necessity to communicate in a foreign language.

When you need to communicate in foreign languages, Global Connects will make your first impression count. We provide professional solutions, tailored to your requirements and underpinned by the very best customer experience and service delivery. Truly, we love languages!"

Patrick Majewski - Head of Language Services
"Global Connects is evolving as a solution provider in Language Services and acting as expert in providing our services to our clients. As such we understand that the needs of each and every client differ and that we have to tailor our services in order to offer a fair price at the right quality and the right time.

Further to this we understand that we are working in a service based environment. For us the customer comes first and we listen to their specific requirements just to adapt our solutions and then deliver what has been agreed upon.

In short, We listen, we adapt and we deliver.

When working with Global Connects you can expect a professional, friendly service that will handle your linguistic needs and transform them into solutions that enable you to communicate into any language without loss of meaning and without having potential cultural negative impacts. We are here to help you to reach out and connect to the world."

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