Those changes to Linkedin

LI indexNow I appreciate that this doesn’t, strictly speaking, have anything to do with #welovelanguage, but there is no doubt that we all use Linkedin to contact and engage with clients, interpreters and translators.

Linkedin, as a friend of mine oft opines, does not regard world domination as an option, they regard it as a right!  The bulk of their income comes from recruitment, so they are keen to make it as difficult as possible for anyone who doesn’t pay for their premium licences to find people on their site.  Over the years, they have gradually restricted the options available for free search and their latest moves are part and parcel of this. However, there is more to these changes than simply restricting recruiters’ free access to candidates.  Microsoft bought Linkedin in last year for a reported $26.2BN and you can be sure they will want their investment to succeed.  As a result, the new interface that is being rolled out across all Linkedin profiles is generally regarded as an attempt to integrate some Facebook-like elements into the site, albeit more business-orientated than you would get on Facebook.   We shall see how well this goes down with the site’s users: responses so far have been mixed, but Linkedin does not normally let this sort of reaction cause it to change course.

All this said, there are a lot of  changes that have been introduced and it’s important to understand them.  You may not have  seen them if your profile has not been changed yet, but rest assured you will, sooner or later.

A good friend of Global Connects, Tony Harding of momentumspk, has produced a very useful guide to these changes and how to find things that have been moved on your pages.  You can see it here. 2017 LinkedIn changes V4  It is well worth taking a few minutes to read this as it will help you get to grips with the way Linkedin is now structured and, as noted above, love it or hate it, you can’t ignore Linkedin’s importance to the business community generally and to the language industry specifically.

Rosetta Stone, Global Connects