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We've got you covered.

We've got you covered.

Global Connects enables you to connect to the world. We have special, in-depth expertise in manufacturing, travel & tourism and food & beverages, but if you are exporting goods or services, or indeed whatever your industry and subject area, just tell us your requirements and we will work with you to identify the solution that is best suited to your needs.

As the prime supplier of linguistic services for the Scottish Government and one of the selected suppliers to the Crown Commercial Services and a wide variety of other public sector and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), we are recognised as one of the major linguistic providers in the UK.


Global Connects provides a vital link between manufacturing industry and its foreign language customers. If you want to increase export revenues, develop international branding or new overseas markets, we provide translation of technical, legal, commercial and marketing materials.

Travel & Tourism

Our particular expertise in travel and tourism means you can be confident that we’ll bring your destinations and tours to life, in any language of the world. Give us a call today and we’ll help you reach new guests and gain visitors from all over the world.

Food & Beverages

Mince and Tatties, Oysters and Champagne, Sausage and Mash, Seafood and Chablis, Whisky and Ginger. All winning combinations, yet if you’re in the food and drink industry and your customers don’t understand English then you could be missing out on so many opportunities. We are here to help you export your goods and products all around the world.

Public Sector

We are the prime supplier of translation and interpretation services for the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament. Our services have been used in universities, hospitals, courts, police stations and many other public areas, and during conferences, seminars, meetings and training. We are proud that we help Scotland to be a safer, more multicultural and fairer place.

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