Bòrd na Gàidhlig (BnG) was established as a public body under the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act and has responsibility for the preservation and development of Gaelic as an official language.  By promoting Gaelic language, education and culture and more generally encouraging access to Gaelic, BnG aims to increase the number of Gaelic speakers and to ensure ‘Gaelic is seen and heard on a daily basis across Scotland’.

As the lead supplier under the Scottish Government Framework for Provision of Interpreting, Translation and Transcription Services, Global Connects has worked with BnG for two years now. We enjoy every minute of our relationship with them: they are a joy to work with because they are incredibly passionate about their work.

So too is the team of translators at Global Connects, made up, as it is, of a large number of exceptionally talented  Scottish Gaelic linguists.  We have professors and lecturers, Scottish Parliament staff/in-house translators, poets and Scottish Gaelic award winners, all of whom take their work very seriously indeed.  Their own views align closely with those of BnG, in that they want Gaelic to be recognised as an integral part of Scottish life and a national cultural asset, so they strive to produce work of the very highest standard.

One of the other great benefits of working with BnG is their wide range of fascinating and important projects.  These include:

  • Reports ranging from Gender Representation, Gaelic Language Plans, Business Continuity Plans, Risk Management Strategies
  • Press releases
  • Website reviews
  • Awards applications

At Global Connects, our objective is to ensure that every translation (and associated tasks such as proofreading) is completed to the highest standard for all of our clients, in line with their mission statements and their own goals.  We thoroughly enjoy our translation work with BnG and look forward to helping them grow and develop the use of Scottish Gaelic in the years to come.

Fiona Woodford, Head of Languages, Global Connects