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Marketing & Commercial

Global Connects localises audio, video and animations, making it easily digestible on multiple media platforms. It is all about making your content engaging and accessible to global audiences and extending your marketing reach.

The use of multimedia is continually expanding at a blistering pace as all firms, no matter their core business, understand that a digital presence is no longer just nice to have, it is a fundamental necessity to do business and be able to compete in ever more saturated international markets.

A multilingual website, or POS merchandising that has been localised, puts you one step ahead of the competition and makes your product or service feel like a local.

Have you considered?
  • Voice localisation – Translating, building and testing video, recreating visuals, recording new voice or writing subtitles

  • Voiceovers – Professional linguists that will narrate in your required language

  • Subtitles – Fully and professionally translated and transcribed giving users the option to read rather than listen

  • Text-to-speech – Provision of natural sounding audio content

  • Animations – We can localise, build and text complex animations

  • Transcreation – We are recognised experts in the field of transforming the spoken word into any format of written text

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