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Travel & Tourism

From tour guides and souvenirs to maps, signage, brochures and menus, access and engagement with a professional and experienced language services provider is a necessity to those who wish to cater to the expanding global tourism market.

Global Connects have over 20 years’ worth of high level, accredited language service provision to both commercial and public sectors from acting as tour guides for international investment visits, to translating training manuals and technical documentation for multi-location companies.

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  • Interpreting Face-to-face, video or phone services can be provided to break down any language barrier

  • Proofreading and audit – Review of previously undertaken translation work by skilled linguists for accuracy

  • Localisation Adaption of content to meet local language and cultural expectations to feel like a local

  • Translation Linguistic services for written content combining technical and human resources

  • Transcreation Maintain your tone, style and intent while transforming your message into a new language

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