Being based in the centre of Glasgow, the Global Connects office has been abuzz with talk of COP26. (it’s a welcome change from COVID-19!), but it will almost certainly have an impact on our business.  Firstly, the presence of tens of thousands of dignitaries and visitors in the city will, obviously, affect our ability to get to work; and secondly, it will almost certainly increase the demand locally for our high-quality language services.


What is COP26 and when is it happening?


Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that COP26 is taking place in Glasgow from 31st October to 12th November. You’ll also know that “The COP26 summit will bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.” The summit will see upwards of 30,000 delegates descending on the city.


How are Glaswegians preparing for COP26?


The expectation is that public transport will be very busy and, with road-closures planned for the main routes into and around the city centre, Global Connects will mainly be working from home for the two weeks of the conference.  Thanks to the pandemic, we are, of course, well versed in this and are confident that we’ll be able to continue to provide our normal, comprehensive service to our clients.


My colleagues are excited about COP26. Over 200 countries working towards a climate change goal is not just a good thing in itself but one that is essential for our future generations’ prosperity. And as proud Glaswegians, we are delighted that our visitors will be able to experience every aspect of our amazing city – its culture, architecture, history and unique ambience.


How are Global Connects preparing for COP26?


Global Connects always works in close partnership with our clients and this is particularly important during an event such as COP26. For some time now, we have been in regular contact with Public Health Offices, the Courts and Police Scotland to understand the likely increased demands on their services and have planned accordingly to ensure we are fully prepared to provide for the anticipated spike in interpreting and translation requirements. We want to help ensure that life operates as normal and interpreting and translation is an important part of this process. In addition, we have advised our interpreters on ways to ensure safe travel during the conference so that they can fulfil all assignments. We are ready, willing and able to support our client partners during COP26.


Fiona Woodford, Head of Language Services