Global Connects and SQAOver the years, Global Connects has been working with a plethora of private and public sector clients. One of our most widely known clients is SQA: Scottish Qualifications Authority. SQA are responsible for organising and delivering public examinations and qualifications annually across Scotland, particularly for school pupils however a great number of participants are a range of different ages.

Of those who participate in SQA specialist, vocational and higher education qualifications and examinations, most are speakers of English with their papers and resources given in English. However, the SQA are committed to the inclusion of other languages, and in particular Scottish Gaelic where they produce examinations in this important language.

The SQA currently offer a number of examinations through the medium of Gaelic, for subjects such as Geography, History, Mathematics, and Modern Studies. This is where the specialist knowledge and experience we have at Global Connects works with our Gaelic linguists to roll out these resources.

We are happy to work together with SQA and deliver high quality translations to help them achieve their goal and commitment to “ensure that the needs of the Gaelic learning and working community are addressed across all levels of fluency in the language.”[1]

Global Connects and SQA work together to provide quality translations of Support Materials such as Course Specifications and Specimen Question Papers. Also, guidance such as the “Your Coursework” and “Your Exams” publications. We understand that these files are of particular importance as they are often used over prolonged periods of time and with our bespoke customer service we ensure all projects are completed successfully and to the highest quality incorporating any client instructions or requirements. We provide additional proofreading by a second highly qualified linguist to confirm precision and consistency, and we often use reference files such as glossaries to ensure consistency between all SQA projects and documents that we work on. Our translators are also instructed to adhere to Gaelic Orthographic Conventions at all times.

At Global Connects we look forward to future projects with the SQA to continue helping with their goals and commitments to maintain and build on the provision and expansion of their Gaelic-medium subjects and support materials.

If you would be interested in expanding your current materials and documents to another language, please get in touch with us today and one of our dedicated Translation Project Managers would be happy to help!

Clara Johnston, Translation Project Manager, Global Connects, 2020 ©

[1] Source: Gaelic Home Page