Justice must not only be seen to be done it has to be heard to be done.  This truism underpins the legal sector’s need for 100% accurate and appropriately nuanced interpreting and translating, beyond reasonable doubt in criminal cases. It is imperative that the translator has a full understanding of the technical, legal language used and also understands what’s at stake if the translation is not spot on. Legal jargon can be confusing at the best of times, so we must ensure the translation is accurate, correct and clear. Only then, can all those who speak other languages understand the legalities involved – whether in writing or in speech – and the correct outcome be achieved.

As the lead supplier under the Scottish Government & Crown Services contract, Global Connects has partnered with the Scottish legal sector for many years. Whether it’s an affidavit, a court letter, a court appearance or indeed any specific legal matter, Global Connects has the skills and personnel to ensure that justice is, indeed, seen and heard to be done.

Do use a translator or interpreter who specialises in legal translations. You might think that’s a sine qua non, but it is vital to remember that legal translations are very different in many respects. The terminology and jargon can have precise meanings and are not, outside the profession, commonly known, so it’s important to have a specialist translator or interpreter to ensure there can be no possible misunderstanding.

Do use someone you can trust. Legal documents can contain extremely sensitive information. Partnering with a translation company that takes this as seriously as you do is paramount. Confidentiality is very important to Global Connects; our translators are security-vetted and have to sign stringent confidentiality agreements before than can begin working with us.

Do understand what is required. Does your document need to be certified or do you need a sworn translator to work on it? Would it be better to have an interpreter to ensure all areas are covered? Global Connects will work with your team to establish what you need and provide the correct service.

Don’t underestimate the time required to provide a legal translation. As legal documents can form a binding contract, it’s vital that translators have time to ensure a thoroughly correct legal translation. This is not something that can be rushed. Speak with Global Connects as early as possible in your project to find out how much time you need to plan for the translation phase.  Doing this will ensure we can provide you with the highest standard of legal translation.

Don’t underestimate your budget. Are you expanding your company overseas, do you have multiple witness statements required for court or do you require a court interpreter? Work out what you will need translated and involve us from an early stage to establish the costs involved. This is not the time to skimp. The complexities and strict definitions involved in much legal work mean you need a professional translation company who will, in turn, ensure your professionalism is reflected in their work.

Don’t send an unfinished text to be translated. Make sure your document is complete and ready to be translated. Adding new text or making last minute changes during translation can alter the flow of a translator’s work, leading to confusion, mistakes and, of course, costing you more money in the long term.

Legal translations are a very important business. Attention to detail, specialist knowledge and professional expertise and experience are all key to ensuring your legal translations are 100% accurate so that the risk of challenge is minimised.  Our experience, gained over many years working with the Scottish Courts and Police make us the first-choice for many legal professionals throughout the country.  Get in touch with Global Connects today to find out why.

Fiona Woodford, Global Connects