MSC in Translation Studies, University of Aberdeen

Global Connects are always on the look out for new translators so when one our Gaelic translators, Moray Watson, got in touch about the course at the University of Aberdeen we were delighted to offer our support in adding it to our socials and website.

The MSc in Translation Studies at the University of Aberdeen has Gaelic as one of the main languages offered. Students take courses in ‘Key Concepts and Methods’, along with ‘Professional Skills’, ‘Literary Translation’ and a module on using translation technology, such as MemoQ and Trados. A fairly unique element in our MSc is that we also have a module on ‘Editing, Proofreading and Reviewing for Translators’. Our translator actually teaches this module and has more than 20 years’ experience as an editor and is a qualified proofreader. It is a complete programme, in that it prepares people for both in-house and freelance work, in a way that most other TIS degrees don’t seem to – this is excellent news for Global Connects.

So far, the teachers have had around five students who took the MSc in Translation Studies with Gaelic, and all of them have gone on to work in the industry. They study alongside people with other language pairs for the content courses, and then they take things like translation portfolios, projects, etc. separately. They are supervised by the teacher, and we believe, our translator, Moray, is currently the only Professor of Gaelic and Translation anywhere in the world.

The programme lasts for one calendar year, starting in September, additionally, students could opt to finish with the postgraduate diploma, which ends in May – students do the same courses but can graduate with the diploma if they choose not to write a dissertation/project. It is also possible to take the degree in more flexible ways, to suit people who are working – e.g., part-time over two years (or more extended where necessary), or with a January start. They even had a couple of people take elements of the degree by distance delivery, although they don’t encourage this, as the on-campus experience is ideal.

Here is a link to some further info here:, and please do get in touch once you are fully qualified, we are always looking for excellent Gaelic translators to join our team.

Fiona Woodford, Global Connects