Community Engagement

As an organisation we have a number of initiatives to demonstrate our commitment to the social, economic and environmental well being of our local and global communities.
Targeted Recruitment and Training for “Disadvantaged” Persons

As a successful long-established company, Global Connects are in a position to guarantee to offer an interview to at least one long term unemployed person for any vacancy within the company, provided that any such candidates meet the minimum “essential” criteria for the post.

Positions are advertised through forums which are freely accessible to the unemployed such as Jobcentre websites and free-to-access recruitment sites.

This provides a powerful form of targeted recruitment for the long term unemployed who might otherwise face disadvantage in the job market, particularly if their period of unemployment has been extended beyond six months.

Diversity in the team

A positive product of working as a language services provider is that we are probably one of the most ethnically diverse SMEs in the country, offering work to a diverse range of people living locally throughout Scotland.

We have several nationalities in our office staff and our pools of interpreters and translators are made up of individuals from over 50 nations, from every populated continent on earth. We estimate that approximately 30-40% of the people who are in paid work for us are from a BME background.

We appreciate the inclusive nature such an ethically rich culture can provide and are always looking to grow our blended family.

Working with Small and Medium Enterprises and the Third Sector

We are ourselves an SME business and as such we welcome any opportunities to work with other SMEs and Third Sector organisations to assist us in our business ventures.

Many of our companies from which we purchase goods and services are also SMEs or sole traders, including our normal stationery supplier, IT and computer support partners, and telephonic and network cabling service supplier.

Elite Linguists, our training partner, is a Community Interest Company, a not-for-profit, social enterprise which is dedicated to promoting the rights of interpreters and driving up standards in the profession. With Elite Linguists, we have developed our Learning and Development programme for public service Interpreters. We believe that this private/social partnership is unique in Scotland and can only help benefit the standing of the interpreting community in Scotland.

We also work with a number of community groups working with ethnic minorities to recruit potential interpreters in local areas, especially where it is difficult to find speakers of rare languages through standard recruitment resources.

Community engagement by Global Connects
Community Benefit Fund

We channel a small percentage of our net profits as a company into a Community Benefit Fund, from which we are able to offer donations to charity and support to community projects in Scotland.

One of our staff members acts as a “community champion” to look at finding ways to benefit the community alongside the work we do in each framework and significant contract. The community champion is also tasked with looking at charity and community projects we can support.

As a company, our staff have supported a number of charities including:

  • BBC Children in Need

  • Comic Relief Red Nose Day

  • The Movember Foundation

  • Macmillan Cancer Support

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