Many new businesses and entrepreneurs hoping to expand their operations, whether in the United Kingdom or abroad, need to consider how they communicate with those whose first language is not English.  Even though we expect people in the UK to speak English, for many it’s not their first language.  Abroad, it obviously isn’t, so if you want to reach these people you’ll clearly need to involve translators. Clearly, new businesses will want to do this as economically as possible, but where do you start, when trying to find a translating service for the first time? What do you have to take into account?

Business 2 Community has offered eleven tips for people wanting to use translation services for the first time. In the article they state very clearly the reasons for never using online translation software; specifically that it lacks the nuance of human translations. If an inaccurate translation is provided then the impression you’re giving to your customers is that you don’t care enough to provide them with an optimum service, which reflects badly on your business in general.
So, if you want to be taken seriously, you have to use a professional translation service. And you have to consider that your budget will affect the service you receive. To make sure your final message works it is vital to consider your initial message, where you are sending it (taking note of religious and cultural differences), and to remember that the initial text may expand in terms of length once it’s been translated.

It’s also worth considering that translations take time. Leave plenty of it so you aren’t waiting on tenterhooks by the phone as the deadline looms. Ensure that you have a clear aim of what you can achieve in terms of layout, text, and format. Translators have their skillset, and to establish a good working relationship with them it’s worth learning how to make their job easier.

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Eleven tips for businesses using translation services for the first time