globeAttractive idea, isn’t it.  That email to Argentina, the urgent flyer to Bulgaria, not to mention making sure that the Finance team’s communication to China doesn’t contain anything culturally inappropriate – these, and so much more, could all be done in-house, with no waiting, no hassle (apart from the Finance team) and it won’t cost your department anything, will it?

Well, of course it WILL cost your department, because you’ll struggle to find one person with the ability to translate into Argentinian Spanish (with nuances that are different from Spanish from Spain), Bulgarian and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), not to mention the knowledge of what is or is not culturally appropriate in China (is it brown or blue that’s the colour for the year of the rat?)  In reality, that’s three people and three salaries, just for these three countries.

It’s actually a whole lot easier to find and develop a partnership with an agency that has all these things, not to mention all the other major (and minor) world languages.  An agency that understands that you don’t use brown in communications for China in the year of the rat (it’s unlucky, as is yellow) and that if you want to send a message to Buenos Aires it’s as well to avoid the combination of blue/yellow or red/white, unless you want to annoy one half of the population who support River Plate and the other half who support Boca Juniors.

Luckily, we know such an agency!  An agency that is trusted consistently by the Scottish Government, the Scottish Police and a host of other public and private sector bodies.  An agency where customer service is at the forefront of everything they do and where you only have to pay for what you use, when you use it.  So, if you’re needing to communicate in any way, in any medium, in any foreign language, put us to the test today.  Contact our Head of Translations Services, Fiona Woodford at or call her on 0141 352 5673.