New Translation Team Lead – Diana Ayobami

Global Connects would like to welcome Diana Ayobami to the translation team as our new Translation Team Lead. Diana is originally from Ukraine and arrived in Scotland last year. She brings a huge amount of experience to Global Connects having studied Applied Linguistics at Kharkiv National Aerospace University in Ukraine. Since university, Diana has worked in various positions within the translation industry as a translator, proofreader, project coordinator, project manager and a team leader – so we are very excited to have her on the team.

Diana has said on joining Global Connects that “With Global Connects I’ve got a chance to gain new experiences by working with the Public Sector, also it’s my first major experience working abroad. It’s challenging and interesting at the same time. I’ve met a very friendly, dedicated and professional team here, which I’m so proud to be a part of, and I do hope we continue achieving great results together.”

Diana speaks various languages: Ukrainian, English and basic German & Spanish; these skills along with her love of languages and interest in working with the Public Sector will make Diana a great addition to Global Connects.

Diana has been in position for the last couple of weeks, learning the ropes from Fiona Woodford, Head of Language Services and Account Manager who will be leaving Global Connects on Friday 5th May, and she has settled into the team extremely well.

We have no doubt that once Fiona leaves, Diana will provide a smooth transition and ensure the translation team will continue to provide high quality translation services to our Public Sector and private business clients.

Please reach out to Diana if you would like our help with any of our translation services, her contact details are