Our Telephone Interpreting service (also called OPI – “over the phone” interpreting) is very useful for situations where face-to-face interpreting is either impractical or not cost-effective. It is very economic for short duration interpreting requirements, especially for locations where a lot of travel would be required to carry out a face-to-face appointment.

Telephone interpreting is already widely used by both public and private sector clients and the service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have a large and expanding network of telephone interpreters all over the UK and internationally covering the requested languages in the UK.

In order to access the service, we need to set up your organisation with access codes and instructions on how to make use of the service. So please get in touch when you think Telephone Interpreting would be the right solution for your organisation.

To contact our Interpreter Booking Team directly, please email us at: interpreting@globalconnects.com

Let us help you find a tailored solution today.